Tales of Bolton Life (part of the Bill Naughton’s Bolton Season) 10th Nov

Four of Bill Naughton’s most affecting short stories, directed by Cara Novotny.

“Big Corner” – about lads (miners, little piecers etc) who meet on a street corner off Derby Rd. They josh each other, tease out te meaning of life and tell VERY tall tales!

“Weaver’s Knot” – a boy’s first job in a weaving shed (Kershaw’s by Derby Mill) where he and the ‘gruff tackler’ are the only men among 100 women. What could go wrong?

“First Day at Work” – an unemployed man gets a day’s work: loading coal onto a cart and delivering sacks of it round town in freezing weather. At dinner time he can afford a pie… but where can he eat in peace?

“Remorse” – Bill Naughton’s pal Johnny Harris was the template for ‘Alfie’. Here’s Johnny, never wanting to be tied down, passing up the chance of happiness for the idea of ‘freedom’.

Each story is accompanied by a set of background sounds and moving images enhancing the atmosphere created by the tale. The performance is directed by Cara Novotny, currently making her name with various projects at the Octagon. The performance will last an hour and fifteen minutes, and there are two performances – one at 3.30pm and again at 7.30pm.

Tickets can be booked through the Live from Worktown website:www.livefromworktown.org