Collaborate Out Loud Bolton (Various Dates)

Collaborate Out Loud CIC creates surprising, simple and social spaces for public service innovation and flourishing.

Collaborate Out Loud Bolton is hosted by Boo Coaching and Consulting at All Souls Bolton  – join them for an opportunity to build networks, share ideas on how we can support the principles of collaborating out loud and identify how we might begin to embrace the opportunities across public services within and around Bolton.

Collaborate Out Loud communities are a democratic community of innovative and generous public service collaborators who work out loud to hack challenges., hatch new thinking, experiment with implementation and prototype and spread impactful new ideas that will enable the changing public services landscape to get further faster and embracing the power of new ideas, collaboration and democracy.

Collaborate Out Loud’s Community Manifesto

How we work

  • In an open and free way where anyone could follow the journey
  • Where everything that was developed was open source and free to be used by anyone
  • Where the group were true collaborators
  • In a way that successes and failures were equally welcome opportunities to learn
  • Where the process of collaborating in this new and free way could be observed, tested and understood
  • By embracing the WorldBlu principles for freedom and democratic organisations

What we do

  • Serve public services at all levels and places
  • Works on the challenges that public services are facing without the constratints of being within the system
  • Crowdsource the challenges to work on to serve public services in a different and freer space
  • Actively encourages challenge, new thinking and learning from when things dont work out as expected
  • Brings together the unusual suspects, thinking and approaches and allows the magic to unfold

Dates: 3rd August 2017, 15th September 2017, 17th October 2017, 7th February 2018  – all 12 – 2pm