All Souls and alcohol – are we a bar?

There have been some concerns from some members of the community regarding rumours that we have a bar inside All Souls that serves alcohol to the public during the day, like a pub or licensed restaurant. All Souls is licensed to serve alcohol for events. Usually these are either private or ticketed events – for which information will be given about the availability of alcohol. Examples include weddings, music performances, corporate AGMs and themed events such as our ‘Christmas at Hogwarts’ evening. To be fair and representative to all users of the building, we offer the opportunity to purchase alcoholic drinks on these occasions. Additionally, many Christians use sacramental wine in communion with their God.¬†All Souls remains a consecrated building and alcohol may be consumed ritually here during weekly services.

In the interests of public safety and to ensure we do not exclude any part of the community, alcohol is not available to the public during the daytime and¬†nobody should feel as if they can’t attend activities such as the crafting group, reminiscence society, or training courses at All Souls or visit the building or heritage centre in case they encounter it unexpectedly.