Veterans Network Pilot – Direct Transitioning Help

Direction Transitioning Help (DTH) is a charity founded by Gemma Gardner in 2015. After a successful 15-year career in the army, Gemma was discharged on medical grounds. Unable to walk without assistance, and in severe pain, Gemma found that the life she had built began to disappear. Suddenly, Gemma had to adapt to providing for her family on a reduced income and living without the moral support of the colleagues she had once trusted with her life. Gemma began to suffer from depression, eventually suffering a mental breakdown. Reflecting on this time in her life, Gemma explains that after leaving the army, she felt like she had entirely lost her sense of purpose and identity: “When I heard those words: ‘Sgt Gardner, thank you very much. You are now Mrs Gardner,’ I felt like my whole identity had been taken away.”

Gemma’s experiences might sound surprising or unusual, but unfortunately, they are not uncommon among service personnel in the UK. In fact, the importance of helping servicemen and women transition and resettle back into civilian life is now acknowledged at the highest levels of government.

Determined to turn her life around and keen to help others like her, Gemma decided to take action. In August 2015, Gemma founded DTH – a not-for-profit foundation, with a mission to support service personnel and help them make informed decisions about life outside the forces.

DTH are running at pilot at All Souls of the first ‘Veterans Network’ – a series of informal events for ex-service men and women to discuss what matters to them as a veteran. There will also be a referral and signposting service.

The first event at All Souls Bolton will be 2nd August from 10am – 12am in the coffee shop area.

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