A Safe Space for Interfaith Encounters at All Souls

A steering group of representatives from the Muslim, Humanist and Christian communities are meeting at All Souls over the coming months to contribute to the development of workshops aimed at fostering greater cohesion in our communities.

What’s remarkable about even these preliminary meetings is the safe space that is created for open dialogue, finding common values, and asking difficult questions. We’ve discussed the uncomfortable topics of extremism, terrorism and racism in a respectful and human way.

As a secular organisation operating in a consecrated building in a largely Muslim-populated area, All Souls is the ideal venue for a such a space.

We’re considering designated a ‘safe space’ table in our cafe area for one-on-one discussions like this – where two people with different beliefs who wouldn’t normally cross paths can sit for an hour over coffee and talk open and honestly to each other, ask questions and learn.  Even on a small scale, we hope this will promote new friendships and greater understanding.

If you’re interested in participating contact Amy at amy@allsoulsbolton.org.uk

For more information on Christian-Muslim-Humanist encounters visit  http://flowhesionfoundation.org.uk/